My name is Nana!

I'm an 18 year old Nintendo fan that really loves Earthbound-- But you probably know that already, huh? Hmm... I really like Nana, a character from Mother 3. I use the name-- But I'm not actually her... Sorry if that's dissapointing. I like to draw and write fanfiction, and I really like the romantic fictional pairing "Clausten", which is Ninten from Mother 1 x Claus from Mother 3! Other than that, I'm a really big fan of learning about console hardware, I like taking things apart and lookin' at them!

I relate alot to the character Nana, as someone who also talks too much, really likes the ocean, and wants to learn instruments. Though, my favorite character is actually Ninten, he's a very silly guy and I love him.

I love cats and 2000's pop music, and I like old Nintendo games... I like watching Scott the Woz... I... uhh... I'm not really sure what else. Sorry! But I hope this satisfies any want you may have had to learn about me.